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  Regulating with professionalism and Integrity


Why choose us

Professional Approach

We are committed to upholding the standards laid out in the Private Security Act and to ensure that the contribution of the Private Security to the nation’s security is of paramount value.

Expert & Knowledgeable

Our Inspectors and Assessors are deeply knowledgeable. We will advise you on the best course of action. Come and let us guide you towards compliance for you and your clients’ protection.

Quality Controlled Procedures

Designated Quality Officers and procedures within the PSRA are assigned the task of ensuring that your personal information is vetted and current and that your annual licence is accurate.

Supportive and Friendly Staff

Our team is well-trained and wants you to remain compliant and current. Speak to our assessors/ inspectors to resolve any issues that may keep you from being compliant or current.

Flexible Payment Options

To encourage compliance and to create a more convenient way to pay, the PSRA accepts payments via direct deposit to our Account and local debit cards. Easy as 1, 2, 3…

National Security Architecture

The PSRA is an agency within the Ministry of National Security. We are a contributor to the national security effort. Be proud to contribute to your nation’s security!

Customer-Centred Operations

Without the private security personnel the PSRA would not exist. It is our mandate to ensure that your issues are resolved in a timely and friendly manner. Our priority is You!

Prompt and Attentive

Our priority is to ensure that you remain compliant. Are you having questions regarding your renewal or application. Call us! We will resolve your issues and get you licensed .

Companies Registered
Guards Renewed
Compliance Rate
Available Trainers

Certify & Register!

Get you minimum of 80 HoursBasic Training and Register as a Private Security Professional

Work Professsionally!

Uphold the standards of the Private Security Industry as well as the interest of your Company and your Client(s). Be Current and Compliant!

Excel in Your Profession!

Continue to improve your skills and your knowledge and make your mark personally, for your company and for your nation.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Complete and Submit Application Form 2
  2. Include Current / Expired registration card
  3. Pay relevant fees
  1. Make a formal report to the nearest police station
  2. Complete and submit Application Form 2 with the attached receipt of police report obtained from police station.
  3. Make payment for replacement registration card

Please see our full list of requirements for company applications. Click Here

Health Insurance covers a part of your expenses at the doctor, pharmacy or hospital.

Please call/whatsapp (876)485-8320 for further questions

  1. Costs vary depending on the option you choose.
  2. For Individuals: There are 5 options ranging from $3,866 to $7,265
  3. For Families : There are 5 options ranging from $7,682 to $20,264
  4. Please see the full list of options and prices here

Please call/whatsapp (876)485-8320 for further questions

Health Insurance covers your dependents if you have chosen an option with dependents.

Your dependents are:

  1. Your spouse (married or unmarried)
  2. Your children, step children and legally adopted children up to their 25th birthday .

Please call/whatsapp (876)485-8320 for further questions

  1. Obtain a Train the Trainer certificate from HEART Trust, MIND or other PSRA recognised Institution
  2. OR a Certificate in Training from a tertiary organization
  3. JCF or JDF personnel to show proof of necessary expertise by virtue of training and experience
  4. Complete all requirements outlined here
  5. Attend an interview with any of our assessors
  6. Pay relevant fees
  1. Obtain a letter from your company requesting registration for you as an armed guard with permission to use your company's firearms
  2. Obtain FLA user permit with sponsorship from your company
  3. Submit both the original and a copy of your FLA User permit
  4. Attend an interview with any of our assessors
  5. Pay relevant fees
  1. A security person who has been out of the industry for two (2) years or more will be required to reapply.
  2. Submit Application Form 2
  3. Provide a valid training certificate
  4. Attend an interview with any of our assessors
  5. If you previously advised of leaving the private security industry, in writing, and returned your registration card, only current year fees will be assessed
  6. Pay any outstanding fees