Private Security Regulation Authority
Private Security Regulation Authority

The P.S.R.A. is a Statutory Body under the Ministry of National Security charged with the responsibility to monitor and regulate the operations of:

  • Contract Security Organizations
  • Proprietary Security Organizations
  • Private Security Guards
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Trainers

The Authority is established under the P.S.R.A. Act, 1992 and is headed by a nine member Board with a Secretariat of twenty nine (29) members of staff, led by the Executive Director who is the Secretary of the Board.

The following are the Laws and Regulations governing the Authority

Private Security Regulation Authority Regulations

Laws Of Jamaica – PSRA etc.

As part of the main functions the Authority has to:

  • Grant, refuse, suspend or cancel licences or registration cards issued to the Private Security Industry.
  • Consider and determine applications made under the P.S.R.A. Act for registration and licencing and the renewal of said licences.
  • Take all lawful measures it may consider necessary or desirable to assist it in carrying out its functions under the Act.

Why the establishment of the Act

Following the rapid growth in the number of organizations and individuals operating in the Private Security Industry, it became highly desirable that a system be introduced to subject those organizations and individuals to some form of regulation and monitoring, hence the passing of the Act in 1992.

The Act Provides that:

  • No organization or individual shall operate within the Private Security Industry unless licensed and/or registered under the Act.
  • Applications for licence and/or registration under the Act must be made to the Authority on the prescribed FORMS accompanied by the prescribed FEE.

Any licence and/or registration granted under the Act remains in force for the period specified in the licence/registration.