Private Security Regulation Authority
Private Security Regulation Authority

Our New Executive Director; Mr. Rick Harris

December 3, 2018

Mr. Rick Harris

Mr. Rick Harris was appointed Executive Director of the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) on December 3, 2018. Mr. Harris has over 17 years of experience in the government service and he considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the people of Jamaica in various capacities over this period. He believes his most recent appointment to the post of Executive Director of the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) is another wonderful opportunity to lead a process of organizational transformation and growth which will redound to the benefit of Jamaica.

Mr. Harris’ training and background in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) has made him proficient at developing systems, process flows and standard operating procedures. He attributes his skills in stakeholder management and devising stakeholder engagement strategies to the customer-centric nature of the ISO training he has received. Mr. Harris is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona. He holds several degrees and certificates not the least of which is a Master of Science Degree in Social Policy from Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES).

Mr. Harris’ supports any initiative for continuous improvement and for achieving higher level goals which observe the imperatives of justice and equity. He is ardent about creating opportunities for others to expand their horizons and he lives by a personal philosophy summarized by the following quote which is attributable to him . “There is a place much larger than the space in which you exist, get there.”