Private Security Regulation Authority
Private Security Regulation Authority
The PSRA, the Private Security Regulation Authority is a statutory body under the Ministry of National Security. It was established under the Private Security Regulation Authority Act of 1992. The Authority is responsible for monitoring and regulating the operations of the;.
  • Contract Security Organizations
  • Proprietary Security Organizations
  • Private Security Guards
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Trainers
  • Security Company Officers

Monitor and regulate the operations of organizations and individuals in the Private Security Industry.
Grant, refuse, suspend or cancel licences or IDs issued to all organizations and individuals operating within the Private Security Industry.
To consider and determine applications made under the PSRA Act for registration and licenses and for the renewal of such licences.
Promote best practices within industry.
Remove those who wish to use their position to pursue criminal activities.
Raise standards of competence and professionalism.
Improve the reputation of the industry.
Make the industry efficient and attractive.

No person or company shall operate a private security organization unless that person is the holder of a license granted by the PSRA, under the Act, and every person who is employed as a private security guard shall apply to the PSRA to be registered under the Act.

Following the rapid growth in the number of organizations and individuals operating in the Private Security Industry, it became necessary for a system to be introduced to subject those organizations and individuals to some sort of supervision and scrutiny.

A company that is seeking to become compliant has to complete the PSRA Application form. Accompanying the form should be the relevant documents.

  • Documents are checked

  • Letters are sent to the police who perform checks to ensure suitability of the proposed premises

  • Suitability of the company directors.

  • A PSRA Inspection is also done on the proposed premises.

  • All prerequisite fees must be collected.

  • Interviews are conducted by Officers of the Authority who make recommendations regarding the suitability of applicants.

  • Applications are signed and licenses for a period of one year is granted and printed.

  • Our Registry keeps track of all documents and any resignations/firing/change of employment of guards.

  • You must be eighteen years (18) old to obtain a licence.

  • Have no orders in bankruptcy made against you.

  • Have had no convictions against you in the ten years preceding your application.

  • Convince the Authority you are not incapable by reason of mental or physical disability to carry out the operations of the licence.

  • Ensure that all information that you give is truthful and accurate.

Yes. The objective is to ensure that a standard basic skill is attained . The course consists of eighty (80) hours of instruction over a two week period. It is designed to provide the potential Security Guard with a firm understanding of his role and the technical information required to execute his duties. Further details can be found in the PSRA-Heart Trust Level-1 Security Training Summary