Private Security Regulation Authority
Private Security Regulation Authority
  • Private Security Authority (Form 1) completed and signed
  • Private Security Regulation Authority (Form 2) completed and signed by Directors
  • Two (2) passport size photographs each of all directors which must be certified by the Justice of the Peace who gives the recommendation
  • Two (2) References (as stated on form 2 for directors)
  • Tax Payer Registration Number for the Directors/Companies
  • Birth certificate (certified copy) (as stated on form 2) for directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  • Articles of Incorporation (Form 1a)
  • Form 23 filed at the Registrar of Companies if there is a change of Director
  • Current Tax Compliance Certificate
  • G.C.T. Registration Certificate
  • Finger-print Report of company directors
  • Directors' Profile
  • Uniform description -photograph and written description
  • Inspection to be conducted by the Police and Inspectors of the P.S.R.A of the registered office/premises of the company
  • Interview by P.S.R.A. representatives
  • Payment of prescribed fees