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Requirements for Registration/Licences of Company / Company Directors
Under the PSRA ACT

  Private Security Authority (Form 1) completed and signed
  Private Security Regulation Authority (Form 2) completed and signed by Directors
  Two (2) passport size photographs each of all directors which must be certified by the Justice of the Peace who gives the recommendation
  Two (2) References (as stated on form 2 for directors)
  Tax Payer Registration Number for the Directors/Companies
  Birth certificate (certified copy) (as stated on form 2) for directors
  Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  Articles of Incorporation (Form 1a)
  Form 23 filed at the Registrar of Companies if there is a change of Director
  Current Tax Compliance Certificate
  G.C.T. Registration Certificate
  Finger-print Report of company directors
  Directors' Profile
  Uniform description -photograph and written description
  Inspection to be conducted by the Police and Inspectors of the P.S.R.A of the registered office/premises of the company
  Interview by P.S.R.A. representatives
  Payment of prescribed fees